Welfare Criteria

From the above discussion we can deduce some criteria for welfare judgments.  These criteria enable  he economists to make welfare Compartmentalization is to  aye whether welfare has been increased or decreased   whether it has been  maximized The following  criteria may be mentioned Pareto Criterion Italian economist Evildoer Pareto enunciated a very chimp  and straightforward  criterion us Any  which harms no one and which makes some better off (in their own  stimulation) must be co side red to be an improvement The op cation of goods song consumers is based on this criterion. According to this criterion rationing  which permits every consumer  to benefit by adjusting his purchases in accordance In tastes and desires without harming an s better than fixed rationing obviously this en does not cover cases in which an cede  while benefiting some  arms others are simply brushed aside. Thus the cruft inter personal comparisons  is bypassed.  u Waldorf Hicks Criterion Ac ring to this

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