Balanced Unbalanced Big Push

The advocates of this strategy suggest that no single strategy will take us to the goal of economic development. Not only has the strategy to be changed  from time to time is the situation may require, but it may be necessary sometimes to strike a balanced

between the alternative strategies MARKET SIZE In the initial stages   characterized  by imbalance  counter iranbala nces  will be a more effective remedy. ut once an appropriate balance is attained  by a fair dose of big push, the strategy of  balanced growth may be applied to further  planning.

The strategy adopted in Indian planning may be  described as balanced happy compromise of Balanced Unbalanced and Big Push strategies.  More   prominent, however is the strategy of balanced  growth. This is indicated by varying  emphasis  on a single aspect in successive plans self sufficiency  it! food in the   first Plan,rapid industrialisation in the Second Plan self sustaining growth in the   third  -Plan and growth with stability ill the Fourth Plan.  Let us now turn to the  study of Balanced vs. Unbalanced   Growth.

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