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Your privacy is important for That is why we’ve come up with a Privacy Policy that describes how we use, collect, transfer, and store your information. Please take a moment to read it and contact us if you have any questions.

The following privacy notice explains our policy regarding the personal information we collect about you in the process of your cooperation with website ( It applies to information we collect about:

  • Visitors to our Website.
  • People who use our services.

Information we collect as you browse our website

Our web server may automatically collect standard information, including your browser type, operating system and access time. We collect this information in a way that does not identify anyone. We do not make any attempts to find out the identities of those visiting our website.

This information is used only to improve the content of our web pages, to customize it and/or the layout of our pages. We never sell, rent or share any of the information we collect by this method (except anonymous aggregate information) with any third parties.

Information we collect when you use our services

We will use your email address to send you notifications considering the most important stages of order fulfillment, such as clarification of any issues, unread messages and order completion.

Your phone number will be used only for urgent notifications OR to let you know when a writer starts working on your paper and when it is ready.

This information will be used only by our Customer Support Representatives and will not on any condition be disclosed to third parties; it is never sold, rented or shared.

All the information in the order, inquiry pages is processed with the use of the SSL-certificate, which guarantees complete confidentiality and safety of all the transactions.

We do not store the credit card information, nor do we share our customers’ personal information with any third parties.

Complaints or queries

We try to meet the highest standards when collecting and using personal information. For this reason, we take any complaints we receive about this issue very seriously. We encourage people to bring it to our attention if they think that our collection or use of information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate. We would also welcome any suggestions for improving our procedures.

This privacy notice was drafted with brevity and clarity in mind. It does not provide exhaustive details of all aspects of our collection and use of personal information. However, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed. Feel free to Contact Us.

Access to personal information

We try to be as open as we can in terms of giving people access to their personal information. Individuals can find out if we hold any personal information by making a “subject access request” under the Data Protection Act 1998. If we do hold information about you, we will:

  • give you a description of it;
  • tell you why we are holding it;
  • tell you who it could be disclosed to;
  • let you have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

To make a request to us for any personal information, we may require that you address to our Customer Support Representatives by filling an Inquiry Form.

If you agree, we will try to deal with your request informally, for example, by providing you with the specific information you need over the phone.

If we do hold information about you, you can ask us to correct any mistakes by Contacting Us.

Links Disclaimer

In order to provide visitors with certain information, this website may provide links to local, state and federal government agencies, and websites of other organizations. A link does not constitute an endorsement of the content, viewpoint, accuracy, opinions, policies, products, services, or accessibility of that website. Once you link to another website from this website, including one maintained by the State, you are subject to the terms and conditions of that website, including, but not limited to, its privacy policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We keep our Privacy Policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this page.


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The Money Back Guarantee is the policy of refunds applicable to .

The policy can be divided into two parts:

  1. Before approving the Order.
  2. After approving the order.

Please note that if you have paid VAT during checkout (20% of the order’s total), you do not receive it back with a refund. Discounts and our Extras Offer, such as TOP Writer, Abstract, Plagiarism report and Top Priority Support, are not subject to refunds either.

Before approving the paper:

You can qualify for a 100% refund if:

  • We were not able to provide the customer with a suitable writer
  • There was a payment mistake (identical orders, double payment, etc). You will need to report the case to our customer serve representative immediately. You will only get a 100% refund in case the writer has not been assigned.
  • We are not able to provide you with a suitable writer.
  • You no longer need the paper because the deadline has passed, but it was not delivered to you. In this case, you don’t receive the paper and don’t have the right to use any materials that we have sent you before on this order (Does not apply to revisions). Sending your order for a revision means that you approve of the paper generally, but require minor adjustments. If you send your paper for a revision, you will not be able to get 100% money back.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if:

  • The writer has been assigned, and less than half the deadline has passed; the writer has started working on your paper and should be compensated.

You will be able to get back 50% of your money if:

  • The writer has been assigned to your order, and more than half the deadline has passed.
  • We are not able to provide you with a writer for your revision.

If we fail to deliver the paper on time, we will recalculate a new price for the order according to the deadline, within which we delivered the paper. For example, if you ordered a paper with an 8 hour deadline and we provided it within 12 hours, the difference between the payments will be refunded (Does not apply to revisions).

Please note that you have 24 hours to approve the paper. The approval time is calculated automatically from the moment the last version was uploaded to your email address and/or from the end of your deadline. After the time has passed, the paper (or a part of the paper) is approved automatically.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you may request free revisions to be made or another writer to be assigned to revise your paper. You can also set this order on Dispute status by contacting us. Read more below.

There are several important points you need to consider when setting the order on Dispute:

  • In case of a Dispute, you will have to provide strong reasons and examples to back up your claim.
  • It will take some time to resolve the Dispute – communicate with the customer support representative, send the paper for evaluation, etc. Sometimes we may ask you for additional materials or evidence to support your request.
  • Each case is reviewed separately; every decision concerning refunds is taken after careful consideration. The refund percentage is suggested independently in each case.
  • Failure to provide the information required for Dispute resolution within 24 hours will result in annulment of the Dispute and no refund will be possible thereafter.

For all the orders placed on the Dispute status, you have a 24 hour period to resolve the situation with the Dispute Manager. If you fail to provide the required information or feedback within this time, the Dispute will be automatically closed.

After approving the paper:

Every client can review his/her order and ask for additional corrections, if necessary. However, once you have “Approved” or 24 hours have passed, you are not able to ask for any refund. By Approving , you confirm that you are satisfied with the overall quality of the product and have no complaints about the writer’s work. However you are entitled for unlimited number of division for as long as 28 days after the deadline have passed.

After  “Approving” , you only have 28 days to ask for a revision. In order to ask for it, you have to contact Customer Support Representatives and explain the situation to them.

If you are unable to see the delivered report you can contact Customer Support Representatives to dispatch you a new copy.

The Multiple Choice Question assignments are not subjected to any refund. Using answers provided by the writer automatically means their approval. In case writer scores less than 50% of correct answers you can be qualified for partial credit. The amount of credit is decided by the Dispute Manager separately in each case.

When asking for a full refund, you don’t have the right to use the paper or any of the additional materials we provided you with in the course of work. All these materials become the property of our company and we reserve the right to publish the paper online for commercial purposes. We do not keep any kind of essay databases, and ‘publish online’ means that if the paper is googled or checked with any kind of anti-plagiarism software, it will link back to our Website. It may also be published as content or as a sample essay. This is done to protect our writer’s work in the cases when Customer claims for a refund when work had been already completed.

We don’t guarantee any particular grade. You may not ask for a refund if you were poorly assessed.




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