Pre-requisites of Successful Planning

Although planning has been almost universally adopted but the development plans have not invariably been successful. The successful implementation of the plan requires the existence of certain pre-conditions: needs a strong and efficient government

and a clean administration to ensure the success of the plan. It is the government which has to get the plan prepared and it is the government machinery through which the plan is to be implemented. Weak and inefficient government and corrupt administration will distort everything and the plan will end in a smoke. Planning will be a farce and not a reality

Pre-requisites of Successful Planning

Pre-requisites of Successful Planning

Besides a sound and strong political frame, the economic organisation of the cutter should  and susceptible to rapid growth. That is why stress is laid on reorganization of the agrarian system or restructuring of the industrial system of the country to ensure success of planning. In India, Mandarin system had to be abolished and tenants given proper protection to make agriculture efficient. There was reform also of the banking system and of company organisation

It is also very necessary for the formulation of the plan that the necessary statistical data should be available. The data should be adequate. up-to-date and correct. In the absence of correct statistical information, planning will merely be a leap in the dark

To ensure success of planning, it is also very necessary that there should be proper balance in the various parts of the plan or directorial planning. If the plan does not provide for proper balances. bottlenecks or shortages and gluts are bound to appear upset the plan.

Inclusive, Very few under-developed countries fulfill the above conditions. That is hey there is generally a wide gap between promise and performance. It is seldom that the targets are fully achieved. People get despaired and disgusted and planning loses credibility. If planning is to succeed earnest effort should be made to create the conditions which will be conductive to the success of planning.

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