Over population An Impediment to Economic Growth

It is sometimes said that a growing population helps economic development by providing an expanding market for goods. But this is an erroneous view. Actually. over – population retards economic growth. All effort at economic entrapment under fast growing population turns out to be writing with waves of population growth washing away all that we have written.t hampers economic development in following.

Creating Food Shortage. Income elasticity of demand for food being high growing population  serious food problem as incomes increase with economic development Valuable foreign exchange is eaten up by food imports which would have been otherwise utilized for importing capital equipment and technical know-how.

Increasing Unproductive Numbers. The greater is the increase in numbers the higher is the dependency ratio. A large number of children have to be supported without making any contribution to production.

Problem of Unemployment. An overpopulated country has to face the serious problem of unemployment and under- employment. There is disguised unemployment in rural areas and widespread employment in urban areas. This means that there is a large number of people who are no.

(iv) Reduction in Savings and Investment. A country having a huge population to support has little capacity to save and invest. How can the country advance economically?

(v) Loss of \Omen’s Labor. Frequent maternity disables women from work and denies their contribution to production and economic development.

Conclusion. Thus, growing population aggravates the food problem, worsens the unemployment situation, adds to the number of unproductive consumers, keeps down per capital income’ and the level of living and labor efficiency and militates against capital formation. In all these and many other ways, rapid rate of population growth acts as a drag on economic progress and slows down the pace of economic development.

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