Movements along curves versus shifts of curves

Do not confuse government along curves with shift of curves. Great care must, be taken not to confuse in demand'(which denotes a shift of the demand curves) with a change In the quantity demanded (which means mo¥in& to a different point on the same demand curves after a price change).

A chance In demand occurs when one of the elements orderly the demand curves shifts. Take the cue of pizzas. Is incomes Increase, consumers will want to buy more pizzas even If pizza prices do’ not change. In other words, height Incomes will increase demand and shift the demand curve for pizzas out and to the ritual. This is a shift in the demand for pizzas. .’

Distinguish Consulship this from a, change In quantity demanded that occurs because consumers tend to buy more pizzas as pizza prices fall, all other thing remain constant. Here, tho Increased purchases result not from an increase In demand but from the price decrease. This change represents a movement along” the ,demand curve, not- a shift of the demand curve.A movement along. the demand curve means that ocher thing were held constant when price changed.

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