I. Which goods arc to he produced and ) in what quaintness.

2_ All location of  the economy has further to determine the allocation  scarce  resources III money. men, and materials among the goods and services to be produced allocation of resources has also ‘to be determined between the present and the future use i.e. between consumer.

3. Produce.another major issue relates to thc prod  golf techniques to be used in production i.c, whether the technique should be labour intensive or capital- intensive.

4. For  horn  Produce. This problem relates to the distribution of the national product who should get how much. In the matter of distribution, it is necessary to provide incentives to produce more and disincentives to curb UI , necessary consumption.

5. Problems of and Grow this  involves rirublems of cfficicncj of resource LIse and provision for further growth and development of the economy.

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