Low Wages of Womell
In most cases, women are paid lower wages for doing the same kind of work. There are several reasons for this: In the first place, it is due to long habit and custom. Until comparatively recently, a woman was regarded as a household drudge even in advanced countries. Even today women tend to crowd into occupations involving drudgery and depress wages there. Secondly, since women do not make their work a life career, they do not equip themselves with proper education and training. Their aim normally is to get married, and after marriage most of them cease to earn independently.
Thirdly, for the same reasons, women do not organize themselves into trade unions to enforce higher wages for themselves. Their employment being only a stop gap between school/college and marriage, they do not try to improve their economic position.Fourthly, women workers are prepared to accept lower wages because they have very limited obligations and responsibilities. In most cases, they do not depend merely on their own earnings, even when they are in employment. Husband, brother or father, may and does, give them financial support. Finally, male workers are supposed to be more capable of continuous and efficient work than female workers due to various reasons. Men are physically stronger and can undertake more strenuous work and can bear much greater nervous strain. Moreover, a woman, on account of biological reasons, is partly or wholly incapacitated for full work during certain periods of her life.

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