Louisianan’s Doctrine of Planned Unbalanced Growth

Professor Albert Sir human in his book Strategy  of Economic Development  aeries  singer’s idea further and contend   deliberate unbalancing of economy in  accordant e it a predetermined strategy  is the be t way to achieve economic   growth. Like Singer, he argue that balanced growth theory  requires chug amount of   re .muscly those abilities  which have been identified to be very limited ill supply   ll the under-developed countries. He  characteristics the balanced grew doctrine as  the application to under development of a therapy originally  devised for an under  employment situation In an advanced country during precede  ion industries machines managers and cars as well as  the consumption habits arc all pr cent   hilt in under developer countries this not so  As an under developed   country is i Pablo of financing and managing simultaneous  a balanced  investment  package in industry ans the CDC investment  in agriculture in order to go  lift an under developed country .from a tuition of stagnation  Scotchman prescribe   if up h in strategically selected industrious e t r of the  economy. After all he points   it the ind trivialized countries did not get to where they arc no through  balanced   growth True if you compare the my of the United States in 1950 with the situation    you will find that many things have grown but not everything grew at the   same rate throughout the war Ir century. Development has proceeded with grew h being Connecticut from the leading sectors if the  economy to the followers.  Rom one industry to another;  from Oilcan to another. According to Professor  Irishman, the real scarcity in under developed countries is not the  resources  themselves hut the ability to ring them  info He divides the initial   investment into two related activities directly productive activities, and   social overhead capital. An under-developed country may follow the method of   balanced

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