We have classified the various-sectors of the economy as production. consumption and capital transactions  account. We shall now say a word about the  various items included in the social accounts relating to each sector. Items. included ill the Production Sector The production sector has two sides: (II) the incoming/ Cor revenues) an~(f,) outgoings (or costs). The sale proceeds of commodities is the principal source of revenue or income uf the firms. The goods arc sold to other producers to enable them to carry on current production, tn consumers consisting uf households, private non-profit departments of central and local  government. Then there are ales to other producers for the purposes of maintaining or adding to their capital equipment; and finally, there arc sales to the rest of the world. The second of revenue consists of the value uf increase in t .ks. TIle stocks increase when produc tion exceed e St;1I another source of revenue is subsidies gi n tu it  tries, agriculture, etc.

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