Collectivism or State Socialism
Socialism it will produce many petty tyrants. That is why the syndicalists want to build up social, political and economic structure on the foundation of trade unions.
They have no faith that they can achieve their aims through constitutional means. They know that political authorities are very powerful. Hence, they (i.e., the syndicalists) believe in direct and violent action. Strike is their main weapon. They believe that even if the strike is unsuccessful it gives the workers an experience in economic  warfare. Through strikes, the workers become more strongly organised and their hatred for the capitalists becomes more bitter and this hatred should not be allowed to diminish. Their strategy is that there should be strike after strike and a long strike in the end to paralyse the administration and capture power. The syndicalists lay great stress on the destruction of existing economic and political    structure. They deliberately do not throw any light on the structure of society which they propose to create after the revolution. Their policy is that of destruction rather   construction. Socialism  833 goods which are intimately connected with the person of the consumer. e.g., food and clothing, are transferred to individuals and families and those which are not so connected, e.g., houses, are owned hy society, only their services arc transferred to the consumers. People are supposed to work according to capac-, ity and get according to need. Everybody is to be as- Communism is a radical social movement.

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