Extra Work Without Extra Payment

If an employee is required to do extra work without any compensation. his real wages arc less by that extent. Peon, arc paid fur doing their duty during working hours, but quite often they are required to work late. For such extra work they are paid nothing. This means that their real earnings are reduced to that extent. (d) Hegularity or Irregularity of Employment. Regular or ni’ore secure employments may give lower money wages, but the real wages may be higher than irregular and insecure employments which give high money wages. For instance, a person with Rs. 10 daily wage but whose employment is intermittent, may not be so well off as another, who earns regularly Rs. 5 a day. Hence, it is good to distinguish between wage rates and earnings. (e) l’olldiliOIl~ of Wnrk. Some occupations are healthier than others, and in some, the hours of work are shorter than in others; the work may be more pleasant or less pleasant; the employer may be more sympathetic or less, and so on. All these things should be taken into account in estimating a person’s real earnings. (j) Future Prospects. A low money income will be considered a high real wage if there are good prospects of a rise in the future. On the other hand, a high initial salary may not be considered as good in the absence of prospects for a further rise.

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