Criticism of Robbins

Fifthly, the theory of economic growth or economic development has recently become a very important branch of Economics. But Robbins’s Robbins’s Definition does not cover it. Economics or growth explains how an economy grows and the factors which bring about increase in national income and productive capacity of the economy. Robbins takes the resources as given and discusses only their allocation.

Sixth, Robbins’s definition of Economics docs not explain the problem of unemployment. For one countries this is an urgent problem. There’ is abundance of man-power rather than scarcity of it, whereas Economics, according to Robbins, studies  tile problem of scarcity.

Seventeenths, in Robbins’s definition, the human touch is entirely missing. It is well to emphasize with Fly that Economics is something  more than a science, a science shot through with the infinite variety of human life, calling not only for  thematic thinking but for human sympathy, in Oscillation and in an unusual degree for the saving grace of commonsense.

Eighth, there is no doubt that Robbins has made Economics more abstract and complex and hence difficult anti unfruitful. This detracts from its util it for the common man. Utility of Economics lies. In a large measure,andreoli being a concrete and cali  study.

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