Criticism Answered

This looks a formidable array of arguments against socialism, but it is not so formidable as it may seem. The strength of socialism lies in the proved evils of capitalism. The world is periodically plunged into depression causing much dislocation. unemployment  and suffering. Capitalism has not been able to ensure ensure stable economic conditions, National resources have been exploited for personal profit. Human beings, especially women and children, have been used as so many machines simply to enrich the capitalists.Who can help hearing the “Cry of the Children. The social conscience feels outraged at the sight of a poor family ,,”Orkill!: the hardest, yet not getting two square meals a day, dressed in rags, living in dirty cells, and children dying beca the c get medical aid or mil On the otber the’ are rolling in luxuries, their horses fed and housed than their feUo -b be- The: perhaps think that the poor man is not after I a being; h  is some other specie! A S) ternduces such iniquities and callousness stands self-coodernned. Look at the alternative. Socialism bans trade depression and removes unemployment which, under capitalism, always hangs over the worker’s head like a Damocles sword. A great worry is off. Free  choice of occupation under capitalism is a farce. Who Can really choose his.occupation? The choice is limited by his parents’ means and influence. Sometimes a man would like to get any work that he can. But there is no work. Capitalism throws him on the scrapheap. Who would not like to be put on to ajob compulsorily rather than face enforced unemployment and starvation? A socialist State provides permanent and pensionable job for everybody according to his aptitude and capacity. A socialist State can allocate the resources of the   community among the variQu.suses with the sole consideration off social securhyand welfare, Consumer’s  wishes have to be replaced by.·higher social valuations.It is possible that at one stage there may be a shortage of some type of consumers’ goods, but this is deliberately done in the higher interests of the society. Surely, there is no harm in making a temporary sacrifice so that we or our children may be able to enjoy better standards  later. Only a socialist State can build up a solid foundation for the country’s strength and prosperity. The policy of a capitalist economy is a short-sighted one guided by the immediate gains of the entrepreneur. Under socialism, vast funds can be devoted to the expansion of education of all types, for provision  of adequate medical facilities and Correlation Alisation of industry and reorganisation of agriculture. The result is that human and material res-urces of the nation lire immensely improved and fully utilised A socialist State can easily find resources to help the poor because the profits of industry, which, under capitalism. go to enrich the already rich and surfeited, are pooled in the State treasury. Many things. the consumption of which is considered essential for health and efficiency may be supplied free or below cost. Not doubt, consumption is  regimented and it is curtailed in certain directions, yet there need be no hardship, for it may be expanded in some other and more desirable directions. A socialist State can provide free milk for children. free nursing, free education and Cree medical aid. It can give free cinema shows to the workers and provide for them swimming pools  recreational clubs  railway .

passes to week-end resorts, and light refreshment in the factory gratis. Such things are impossible in a capitalist economy where lure of the lure rules. A capitalist only looks to his dividend.  Production of all types can he immediately increased by a socialist State. The achievements of the Russian Five  Year Plans are a standing monument to what can be achieved under socialism by people who not long ago were illiterate, ignorant, backward, conservative and poor peasants. Russia, too, like India, was a country of small farmers, almost all illiterate. Now there is nearly cent per cent literacy; and in production Russia has beaten every other European country
which started in the race of industrialisation nearly one century ago. This shows that it is only in a socialist State that planning can really be effective. This  is all due to’ the fact that all phases of economic life are under the central State direction. Dangers of bureaucratic management have been <‘X1 J,tegrated.There is a lot of red-tapism in company management even under capitalism. A socialist State can also regulate credit and banking operations .

so that financial maladjustments are eliminated. As for incentive to hard work, a socialist State  can, by persistent propaganda and through instruction in the educational institutions, change the very psychology of the people and create new scales or  It can offer production bonuses so that every worker does his best Who will do the  dirty work? The  social answer is that most of it ill be done by machinery.
Machinery is not being put to such tasks at pre ent simply because man is cheaper than machinery. Thousands of semi-starving people are available under capitalism
to do such obs on a small wages, because capitalism has impoverished the masses.  a socialist State, not working for profit, will be in a position to relieve man from all dangerous dirty and degrading jobs.

Socialism may not be able to make everybody economically equal. This is due not to lack of  organising ability in a socialist State. The cause lies in the innate inequalities among human beings.  Nature does not make everyone alike. Everyone is endowed with varying degrees of intelligence and working capacity. No state can help it. It is not a matter for legislation. But a socialist State can discover the aptitude and ability of each citizen and develop them further by training and education so that every  citizen is enabled to make his best contribution to the welfare of the State. Real worth will not be allowed to be suppressed or depressed 1’1 poverty. The socialist State can pick up genius even from the lowliest of families and provide it with the fullest facilities and opportunities. If.therefore.the attainment of economic equality is not considered feasible at least equality of opportunity can be assured, to’.~ach, and this will be no mean achievement. There Can also be a considerabLe levelling up of the masses The balance seems to be heavily tilted in favour of socialism.

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