The factors that go into the process of economic  growth arc numerous. since this   rock involves the  transformation of the entire economy. All facets of the economy   have to he affected. We have mentioned a  few of the important factors and in Conley on we  may legally sum up the basic determinants of economic  growth which are The  natural resources like the moral.  forest water and power resources. geographical  factors like climate and rainfall. the size composition  and the quality. the efficiency of population  in the matter of education. skill. health sense of  discipline    and patriotism. spirit of cooperation ability and willingness: to work and above all    their character, entrepreneurial and organizing ability. social and  institutional  actors conducive to economic effort stable and helpful government keen on   economic development and welfare of the people. clean and Effie  dent  administration favorable external factors facilitating  foreign aid and stimulating  foreign contacts and  so on.

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