Authoritarian Socialism versus Liberal Socialism

It may be instructive to distinguish between two types of socialism: (a) Authoritarian Socialism, and (b) Liberal SOCIalism. 111 authoritarian socialism. State ownership covers all the means of production and allocates them by planning for the production of various  goods. In this system, there is no sovereignty of the consumer nor any freedom for the labour to organise themselves, What to produce. how to produce and how i output to be UI. tributed. how much is to be mve ted for economic development-all these decisions are made by the government. This authoritarian socialism is generally called communism which IS prevalent in countries like Russia and China. On the other hand, under Liberal SOCialism, the
government takes up the owners hip of the means of production, hut the pnce system or market mechanism retained. ‘111 consumers arc given the choice of consumption. The managers o f factories appointed byby the government produce commodious considering thc consumers’ demands and the prices uo the factors supplied by the government, The concept of Liberal Socialism has been propoundeD by the economists like Dickinson, Lange and Taylor.

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