Several advantage are claimed for the system of division of labor. Adam Smith’s contribution to this pan of the economics they i till regarded as classic. Division of labor ha ed beneficial in the following ways’ Increase in Proud takes the example of a  the immense increase. Adam Smith  industry to illustrate .He describes pill 5. Quoted by B.1. Stiller his paper.The Division of labour is limited by the Extent of the Market in Readings in costumiers edited by Brit and Hickman.


Labour is an important characteristic of  production. In fact, there is hardly any prod  unit of a respectable size which does not organised production on the basis of division of labor. Division f labor is associated with efficiency of produce’s.The division of labour is not a quaint  making as divided into 18 distinct operations. Ten men can make 48,000 pins in a day; one worker may, therefore be considered to have made Poppins in a day. In the absence of division of labour and machinery, one man could scarcely have made one pin in a day, and certainly not tent.

Saving in Time. Under the system of division of labour, a worker has only to do one process or a pan of process. Less time is. therefore,  seeded to meal a specialized trade.


Monotony. Under division of labour, a worker has to do the same job over and over again. The work becomes monotonous. It is drudgery, pure and simple. The work ceases to be interesting.

Retards Human Development. A person’s development, physical and mental, is greatly affected by the job he is engaged in. Under division of labour, a worker has to repeat the same movement over  and over again. His muscles and mind move in the same direction. Repetitive movement cramps a person’s mind and narrows his outlook. Monotony is soul  killing.

Industry humanized. Under division of labour, many people combine to produce an article. Everybody’s business is nobody’s business. The worker loses all sense of responsibility and pride in his’ work. The industry is thus humanized .

Division of Labour and Evils of the Factory System. Division of labour is associated with the factory system which has given rise to evils like water pollution and air pollution, countryside is contaminated with foul smell; over – crowding endangers morals; and insanitary surrounding. spread disease. Man becomes a slave of machine and of the factory owner.

Conclusion. Division of labour has, however. come to stay. Shortening of the working day thus increasing leisure, diffusion of education and raising of remuneration are some of the measures that can be adopted to counteract the bad effects of division of labour on a worker’s life and personality.

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